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Where to Donate Puzzles

Puzzling over what to do with your puzzle collection? If you have a collection of unused or gently used puzzles, donating them is a great way to spread joy and promote the benefits of puzzle-solving while also supporting your community. In this article, we will explore the many places you can donate your puzzles, what to look out for when donating, and the benefits of donating puzzles.

Places to Donate Puzzles

  1. Puzzles To Remember:  Puzzles to Remember is a non-profit organization that provides puzzles to facilities caring for Alzheimer's and dementia patients. Ran by Executive Director Hailey Richman, she also runs a program called PuzzleTime where volunteer students do puzzles with nursing home residents. If you would like to donate puzzles, Puzzles to Remember can help find a location near you where you can donate your puzzles.

  2. Schools and Libraries: Schools are places for students to gain knowledge and skills, both in the classroom and through recreational activities. Puzzles are a great way for students to use their critical thinking and problem-solving skills while also developing hand-eye coordination. Incorporating puzzles into school or library collections helps make learning fun while providing an engaging activity.

  3. Hospitals and Nursing Homes: These facilities provide entertainment and mental stimulation for patients and residents. Puzzles can be used as a form of therapy for individuals with physical or mental disabilities, or simply as a form of entertainment during free time.

  4. Community Centers: Community centers provide a space for individuals of all ages to come together and engage in leisure activities. Puzzles can be used as a form of entertainment during free time or as part of a drop-in program.

  5. "Buy Nothing" Groups: A Buy Nothing group is a community-based organization that operates on the principle of gifting and sharing goods and resources among members without the exchange of money. Donating puzzles to a Buy Nothing group is a great way to give back to your local community. To find a Buy Nothing group in near your area, you can search online or check your local community pages. 

where to donate puzzles

What to Keep In Mind When Donating Puzzles

When donating puzzles, it is important to consider their condition. Donating gently used or unused puzzles is preferred, as it provides the best experience for the recipient. However, if you have a jigsaw puzzle that is partially completed or damaged, you may still consider donating it to a local community center or school, as these organizations may be able to use the pieces for craft projects or educational activities.

Adding New Puzzles to Your Collection

Donating your puzzle collection not only helps others but also provides you with an opportunity to make room for new puzzles to add to your collection. Whether you are looking for more challenging puzzles or simply want to switch things up, you can take advantage of the newfound space to expand your collection. This is a great opportunity to try out new brands such as Intrism 3D wooden puzzles and discover marble mazes that will inspire you and help you grow as a puzzle-solver. Adding new puzzles to your collection also helps to keep the hobby fresh and exciting, and it allows you to continually challenge yourself and improve your skills. So, don't be afraid to make room for new puzzles and to continue growing your collection.

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