About us

Who we are

We're a team of like-minded individuals with a shared desire to create value-packed products, great company culture, and to maximize joy for our customers.

All of this while also doing our part to help planet earth.

What we do

We make the world's best marble maze puzzles with no compromises.

Premium Materials
We use only the highest quality materials we're able to find. This ensures that our products stand the test of time.
Vertical Integration
From design, to sourcing, to manufacturing, to marketing, we do it all. This allows us to maximize quality.
Customer Satisfaction
We wouldn't be where we are today without our customers. Creating products that people love is necessary.
Carbon Nuetrality
When we say no compromises, we mean it. We reduce, remediate, and replenish over 100% of our footprint.

Where we're located

Columbus, Ohio! Our small production facility here is where we make all of our products. We offer local pickup, as well as tours upon request.

Why we do it

To Inspire

We strive to make products that spark curiosity and inspiration in people of all ages. It's about maximizing the customer experience from start to finish.

To Learn

We don't want the journey to be easy, we want it to be challenging. Our goal is to learn continuously as we continue creating new products.

To Grow

We hope to acheive great things and to reach every part of the world with our products. We're excited for everything that we have in store for you!

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Original Series
Intrism Level one on Display Stand
Level Series
Intrism Themes
Replacement Parts

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