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We believe in putting more effort into making a great product than into advertising. We believe in using the highest quality materials over the cheapest. And most importantly, we believe that customer satisfaction is far more important than profit margins.

Founded in 2015, we set out to enrich lives all over the world with products meant to inspire creativity, enable makers, and encourage learning. Intrism Pro is our first step towards this goal. As precision-cut wooden puzzles that turn into a challenging 3D marble labyrinth, and eye-catching conversation piece, Intrism puzzles are brain teaser puzzles and offer endless fun for our customers around the world. Whether you love jigsaw puzzles, mazes, woodworking, dexterity games, competing with friends and family, or even just displaying a piece of art that you've built, we know you will love Intrism Pro. We can't wait for you to try it out!

Today, we have a rockstar team who together cover production, engineering, graphic design, videography/photography, distribution, customer service, sales growth, social media marketing, finance, web development, and more. We are vertically integrated and operate 100% in the USA. Raw material comes into our facility and packaged products come out, with full control over quality, accuracy, and care. This is how we can deliver the highest quality products at our affordable prices.

Thanks for checking out our website and please reach out if you have any questions.

-The Intrism Team