The Original 3D Marble Maze Puzzle


Turn your puzzle-solving skills into a work of art with Intrism Pro, a wood craft kit and 3D marble maze!

Intrism Pro is a one-of-kind wood craft kit for adults and teenagers and a challenging marble maze game that will spark your mind and keep you glued to your seat. With 217 laser-cut wooden pieces that click into place together, no tools or glue are required for assembly. 

The fun doesn't end after you put it together. It's time to conquer the marble maze.

With over 30 feet of track throughout the labyrinth maze, you'll roll the marble through sudden drops, rails, stairs, ramps, rings, and many more obstacles to see if you can make it all the way to the end! Whether you are new to wood craft kits or a hobbyist, Intrism Pro will surely delight you. 

Dimensions: 8"x8"x8" assembled puzzle, 2.6 lbs.; Recommended Age: 14+

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD-Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.


Premium Materials: Top-tier wood + unrivaled cutting precision = maximum enjoyment.

No glue or tools required. Everything you need is right there in the box.

Learning Made Fun: Levels up spatial reasoning & dexterity skills throughout the experience.

Sustainable: Every purchase plants a tree and removes 1lb of waste from oceans and waterways.

Best-in-Class Support: Free replacement pieces, fast shipping, and our happiness guarantee.

In The Box

• 210 Wooden Pieces (including display stand)
• Interlocking acrylic enclosure
• Glass marble (black)
• Printed assembly guide in English (+Spanish & French online access)
• Sandpaper

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A build experience like no other.

drag the slider to see it in action.

Your questions, answered.

How long does it take to build?

Intrism Pro takes on average of 8-12 hours to build. Intrism Mini takes approximately 4-7 hours to build.

The assembly time will vary based on expierence and skill level.

Can you stain/paint/varnish the wood?

Yes x 3! Adding your own pop of color truly makes it one-of-a-kind.

What's the difference between Intrism Pro & Mini?

Intrism Pro and Mini vary in their maze design, piece count, and difficulty levels.

You can find a more detailed comparison here.

Can you disassemble and assemble the puzzle again?

Intrism puzzles are designed to be assembled once, but you can play the maze endlessly.

How hard is the maze to solve?

Intrism Pro is very challenging and considered to be a level 10 marble maze. Intrism Mini is less challenging and considered to be a level 5.

Assembling the maze on the other hand is quite a bit easier to allow a greater range of people the ability to complete the puzzle to begin the marble maze.

What happens if the marble falls of the track?

Intrism Pro and Mini are designed so that if the marble falls off the track, it can be reset to the starting line.

3D wooden puzzle wooden marble maze labyrinth game toy for adults and teenagers dexterity game 3d maze

Decor just got an upgrade

Show off Intrism Pro and Intrism Mini to intrigue anyone who lays eyes on them.

Trees and Seas

For every Intrism puzzle sold 1 tree is planted through #TeamTrees and 1 lb of waste is removed from oceans and waterways through #TeamSeas.

Customer Reviews

Based on 126 reviews
Gina Scalzulli
great puzzle!!! Very hard

Building the intrism cube was a blast, and satisfying solving it on the other hand is quite difficult. A lot of fun and a great decoration peace. very happy

Marcel Peelen
wow what fun

I'd luv to see how these are made, the tolerances are impressive, I'd luv to see the type of 3-D rendering CAD/CAM design process you use, I'm guessing industrial lasers. We're still working on it. Pictures on the way!

John Brooks
such fun

I’ve really enjoyed this, not quite done building it. I had a bit of trouble at first but now it’s going well. I’v built amplifier kits and this is similar if one pays attention it’s relatively easy.

Intrism Pro-blems

I have not yet finished my puzzle, but I stopped on step 146 to come here and say I will never attempt one of these puzzles again. I got this as a Christmas gift and avoided it for weeks because it just looked like a giant headache, and I was correct. While the puzzle is an amazing concept, there are flaws that made it not worth doing. Pieces need to be endlessly sanded down. The puzzle comes with a tiny strip of sandpaper and mine has been almost used up already. There are other pieces that are too lose and need glue. While the instructions do say up front that you may need to use sand and glue, the amount of work I had to put in just to make the pieces fit took a lot of fun out of this activity. The YouTube video also doesn't match the instructions in the booklet. I had to ditch the video on step 12 and use the booklet only, which isn't so bad, but when you encounter issues, it would be helpful to see a video demonstration when this happens. All the pieces are delicate, not just the fragile pieces. Many of my pieces splintered. I had to choose between being so gentle that the pieces wouldn't connect or pushing hard enough so that they would, only to throw the entire puzzle into a warped shape, and have to push everything back into place again. I came this far; I will finish the project, but I am also not confident that the ball will not be too heavy for some of the pieces to handle. My biggest fear is putting this whole thing together and seeing it fall apart as soon as I attempt to use it as a maze. It is so fragile I think I would be afraid to play with it. I think from now on I will stick with traditional puzzles.

Great maze, terrible assembly

I love the idea of this, and am enjoying the ball maze! The assembly was not true to the instructions though, for two massively time-consuming and annoying reasons.
1) the pegs were almost universally too big, and the holes too small. About 85% of the pegs needed to be meticulously sanded down before they would fit, and with some pieces having 4+ pegs, this took hours. The pegs should have fit without alteration for the most part, like the instructions implied they would.
2) the “film” on the acrylic side panels was almost impossible to remove. It was a sticky brown paper, not a clear or blue plastic like the instructions promised, and it did not want to come off! I broke two fingernails trying to chip the “film” off of the corners (short natural nails, not long decorative ones), and it kept ripping. Peeling the film off of the acrylic pieces should have taken 3 minutes, but it took well over 45.
Assembly issues like this made the building process pretty tedious and a little bit miserable :(

David L Dunham
Marvelous Kit

I received this kit from my wife for Christmas. First off, the instructions are impeccable! Each and every step is described with an image of the model and instructions on how and where to place the pieces. I will say that I used a beeswax from England for a lot of the fittings to ease them together. On occasion I also used a small pair of parallel nose pliers for coaxing some parts together. Finally, I also used a thick CA glue when pieces would not stay together. Overall a 10 out of 10 kit! I loved assembling and I love working the black marble.

Margaret Hart
Intrism Pro

“It’s unique to itself and unlike any other wooden puzzle I’ve built. The design to connect pieces very clever. The pieces are made so precisely that the box almost builds itself as you complete steps. I like how you can handle the case without fingerprints showing on it. That way I can see the marble and all of the turns that it will make. I like the way the instructions gave a tip when the pieces should be handled with extra care. It’s nice that the person who packed my puzzle is identified.”
This review is dictated to me by my 14 year old grandson who is an expert at intricate wooden puzzle constructions. Margaret Hart

Oliver C.
Fantastic maze, but with a few (very minor) niggles

I had a great experience with Intrism Pro, and I’d recommend this to anyone with a LOT of patience and a great knack for these sorts dexterity puzzles.

I spent around 15 or so hours building the Intrism, split over 2 days. It was great fun and the manual was super easy to understand with nice building diagrams, tips to help you work out how to push each piece in, and icons to tell you if that piece is delicate, reversible, or if it has a spare in he included spare sheet (yes—a spare sheet is a sign of a truly honest company!). Also, the connecting “fingers” and their respective slots in neighboring pieces are different-sized, meaning you can’t fool the build and it is never confusing. However, those fingers are SO tight, most of the time I had to carefully hammer them in while avoiding breaking anything, or, with the (highly useful) included sandpaper, sand down the little things at the sides to make ‘em slip in easier.

After having finished building the wooden maze, I tested it with the included marble, and it occasionally wouldn’t fit through certain holes like the nose-shaped one from step 5. Looking closer, I noticed that the marble was slightly misshapen and oval-shaped! Yes, that’s right: the marble was very slightly OVAL! So instead, I used my own 1/2-inch steel marble of a similar size but was perfectly round. As it turned out, this worked about 10 times better: it fitted perfectly through all holes in the maze, and, as it was a little heavier, gave me a little more control in those drop sections as it didn’t bounce around so much.

And then, the most tedious bit of the building process came: assembling the acrylic casing! Doing that wasn’t the main challenge though—it was peeling the film off both sides of all 6 panels. And boy, was that annoying. The film wasn’t clear or blue plastic as the manual had said, but rather extremely sticky and easily ripped paper. It always ripped when I tried to peel it off, especially at sticky-out bits like the tabs that lock each panel in place, which, believe me, was INSANELY annoying. And I had to do 12. Twelve! So please be warned—you need a LOTTA patience for this. (If the film was plastic, making it less easy to rip, I may have considered giving Intrism Pro 5 stars. I really couldn’t stand that step.)

In terms of playing with the actual maze itself, boy, was it a HUGE challenge. The Intrism website got it right—it is VERY MUCH a level 10 maze. I’ve completed Perplexus Epic (a very hard maze game with a similar idea at around level 9) several times, but I can’t get far in this one at all. Believe me, you may wanna prepare your best curse words for this game. So, if you’re a newbie and just getting into the world of 3D mazes, I think you oughta get an easy Perplexus first, or if you’re looking for a DIY one, the Intrism Mini or Level One.

This difficulty might prove to be a problem for most people, as the acrylic casing is weakly held together by some tabs and slots that all interlock in a pattern. Most of the people I’ve challenged with this (and me too) tended to shake or hit it when they got frustrated, leading it to falling apart, forcing me to get back onto my workspace to try and put it together again, which also proves quite annoying. Even worse, they’re acrylic, which means they crack quite easily! This pretty weak (and not too well-designed) casing is one of the prime reasons I didn’t give Intrism Pro 5 stars.

At the very end of the build, they give you a stand that you can assemble from a few wooden pieces from the extra sheet. Don’t bother with it—it just can’t hold up the massive Intrism. I left it on that stand for a while, and when I came back, the Intrism fell off and the outer casing fell apart!

Overall, I really enjoyed Intrism Pro and will be looking out for more wooden DIY mazes from this awesome company. Hope you found my (extra-long) review helpful, and thanks for reading :)