3D Puzzles DIY Model Kits for Adults and Teens

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Snap it together

Follow the assembly guide to build your 3D marble maze. No tools or glue required.

Original series puzzles are complex and require the included guide, unlike Level series puzzles. For extra help during the build process, watch our build walkthroughs.

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Don't fall off

Navigate through a maze of twists, turns, and tunnels without letting the marble fall from the track!

Intrism Mini has 3 levels that can be completed together or separately.

Intrism Pro has just 1 level, so one fall and it's back to the start!

Need help? Watch our solution walkthroughs.

The dazzling duo

Intrism Pro and Intrism Mini make up our Original series of marble maze puzzles, varying in their size, piece count, and difficulty. Pick the perfect one for you.


The Original 3D Marble Maze Puzzle

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Turn your puzzle-solving skills into a work of art with Intrism Pro, a wood craft kit and 3D marble maze!

Intrism Pro is a one-of-kind wood craft kit for adults and teenagers and a challenging marble maze game that will spark your mind and keep you glued to your seat. With 217 laser-cut wooden pieces that click into place together, no tools or glue are required for assembly. 

The fun doesn't end after you put it together. It's time to conquer the marble maze.

With over 30 feet of track throughout the labyrinth maze, you'll roll the marble through sudden drops, rails, stairs, ramps, rings, and many more obstacles to see if you can make it all the way to the end! Whether you are new to wood craft kits or a hobbyist, Intrism Pro will surely delight you. 

Dimensions: 8"x8"x8" assembled puzzle, 2.6 lbs.; Recommended Age: 14+

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD-Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.


The Compact 3D Marble Maze Puzzle

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Embark on an exhilarating, mind-bending adventure whenever you pick up Intrism Mini, a marble maze game.

Don’t let the name fool you; Intrism Mini packs a punch. Comprised of 130 pieces of laser-cut wood, it comes with everything you need to start assembling right out of the box – no tools or glue required!

Put the marble puzzle together, then use your problem-solving skills to conquer the maze. Clear your schedule because you will be engrossed in Intrism Mini for hours as you twist and turn through 50 obstacles over three levels to the finish line. 

Display Intrism Mini on a shelf, coffee table, or desk and see how it fascinates anyone who steps into the room. A work of art and a challenging puzzle all in one.

Dimensions: 6"x6"x6" assembled puzzle, 1.8 lbs.; Recommended Age: 10+

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD-Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

Your questions, answered.

How difficult is it to build the mazes?

Intrism Pro is a challenging build with a 7/10 difficulty. Intrism Mini is simpler with a 5/10 difficulty. Neither one requires any tools or glue.

All of our products are designed to be easier to build than to solve so that the fun isn't over too quickly!

How difficult is it to solve the mazes?

Solving Intrism Pro is very challenging with a 10/10 difficulty. Intrism Mini is less challenging with a 7/10 difficulty.

Both Intrism Pro and Mini require lots of dexterity to solve. For something a bit easier, try out Intrism Level One.

What are the differences between the two series?

The Original series (Pro & Mini) require the assembly guide, unlike Intrism Level One where it is optional (for a little added difficulty).

Additionally, the marble can fall off of the track in our Original series mazes, whereas in Level One it cannot.

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What happens if the marble falls off the track?

Intrism Pro and Mini are designed so that if the marble falls off the track, it can be reset to the starting line with just a few twists of the marble maze.

Intrism Mini has two additonal starting points that place the marble at level 2 and level 3.

Can the pieces be assembled in multiple ways?

No, the pieces only go together in one way to create the final marble mazes. You do have the option of using our video walkthroughs instead of or to supplement the printed assembly guide.

Can I color the wood to customize them?

Absolutely! Color them to your heart's content. We recommend using acrylic markers rather than paint, and are working on themes for purchase as well.

Level One themes are available now.

Would these be good gifts to give?

*clears throat* YES