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Three unique marble maze designs varying in size, piece count, and difficulty.

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Step 1: Build

Follow the assembly guide included with each puzzle to build your 3D marble maze. No glue or tools required.

Break a wooden piece? We'll ship you a replacement for free.

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Step 2: Play

Navigate the marble through a maze of twists, turns, and tunnels. Get from start to finish without letting the marble fall from the track.

Laser-Cut 3D Wooden Puzzle Marble Labyrinth Maze Jigsaw Puzzle Toy & Game For Adults and Teens Made in USA - Intrism

Step 3: Display

Our marble mazes aren't just functional, they are works of art you can be proud of. Show them off!

Your questions, answered.

How long do they take to build?

Intrism Pro takes about 8-12 hours to build.

Intrism Mini takes about 5-8 hours to build.

Intrism Level One takes about 1-3 hours to build.

Keep in mind that assembly time varies based on expierence and skill level.

What are the recommended ages?

Intrism Pro is recommended for ages 14+.

Intrism Mini is recommended for ages 10+.

Intrism Level One is recommended for ages 8+.

What are the difference between each of the models?

All three marble mazes differ in their size, piece count, and difficulty. View in-depth comparison

Intrism Pro and Intrism Mini are part of our Original series, where the marbles can fall from the track and can then be reset.

Intrism Level One is the first of our Level series, where the marble cannot fall from the track, and is also reversible with the start and finsh being interchangeable.

Can you assemble the pieces in multiple ways?

Although there are different methods to assembling the marble mazes (with/without intructions in the case of Level One, or using the video guides), the resulting marble mazes will end up the same.

Can I color the wood to customize it?

Absolutely! Color it to your hearts content. We recommend using acrylic markers rather than paint, and have a collection of themes available for purchase for Level One if you want to start with some inspiration.

Would these be good gifts to give?

*clears throat* YES

Sustainably Made

We plant trees, remove waste from the ocean, and fund projects that offset our entire carbon footprint.

We're always looking for new ways to give back to the planet.

What is a 3D wood puzzle?

A 3D wooden puzzle is a type of puzzle that is made out of wood and is designed to be assembled into a three-dimensional object or structure. These puzzles can range in complexity from simple, beginner-level designs to more advanced and challenging options for experienced puzzle solvers.

Differences Between a 3D Wooden Puzzle and a Jigsaw Puzzle

1) Dimensionality: Wooden 3D puzzles are three-dimensional structures that are assembled from wooden pieces, while jigsaw puzzles are flat and two-dimensional, consisting of pieces that fit together on a flat surface.

2) Construction: 3D wood puzzles typically involve fitting wooden pieces together in a specific order to create a stable, three-dimensional structure. Jigsaw puzzles involve fitting flat, interlocking pieces together to form a cohesive image.

3) Difficulty: Three dimensional wooden puzzles can range in complexity from simple, beginner-level designs to more advanced and challenging options. Jigsaw puzzles can also vary in difficulty, with the level of difficulty often determined by the number of pieces and the complexity of the image.

4) Final product: Once a 3D wooden puzzle is completed, it is typically a fully-assembled, three-dimensional object that can be displayed or played with. Jigsaw puzzles, on the other hand, are typically disassembled once they are completed and the image is viewed in its entirety.

Five Benefits of Wooden 3D Puzzles

There are many benefits to assembling 3D wooden puzzles, including:

Improved cognitive skills: Assembling a 3D wooden puzzle kit requires spatial reasoning and problem-solving skills, which can help to improve cognitive function and brain function in general.

Fine motor skill development: 3D puzzles often require the use of fine motor skills to manipulate small pieces, which can help to improve hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

Stress relief: The process of assembling a puzzle can be calming and meditative, which can help to reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Social interaction: Many 3D wooden puzzles for adults are designed to be completed by multiple people working together, which can provide an opportunity for social interaction and teamwork.

Sense of accomplishment: Completing a 3D wood puzzle can provide a sense of accomplishment and boost self-esteem, as it requires persistence and problem-solving skills.

Overall, assembling a wood 3D puzzle can offer a range of cognitive, physical, and emotional benefits that make them an enjoyable and beneficial activity for people of all ages.