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Get ready to challenge your brain and unleash your creativity with Intrism's collection of wooden 3D puzzles. Experience the satisfaction of putting the pieces together and watching your puzzle come to life as a fully functioning maze. Then feel the thrill of navigating the marble through the challenging obstacles in the marble maze! Pick from three unique 3D puzzle maze designs, sizes, and difficulty levels. 

Intrism 3D wooden puzzle kits are designed and manufactured with high-quality materials in Columbus, Ohio. At Intrism, we stand behind the quality of our wooden puzzles. That's why we offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and free replacements for any wooden parts that break during assembly. With nothing to lose and everything to gain, add one of our beautifully crafted 3D wood puzzles to your collection today!

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Intrism Level One
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diy marble maze puzzle
Intrism Mini
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Intrism Pro
Intrism Pro
Intrism pro puzzles
Intrism pro puzzles

Explore our collection of 3D marble maze puzzles


First, put them together.

Follow the assembly guide included with each puzzle to build your 3D marble maze. No tools or glue required.

Break a wooden piece? We'll ship you a replacement for free.

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Next, solve the maze.

Navigate the marble through a maze of twists, turns, and tunnels. Get from start to finish without letting the marble fall from the track.

Packed with value.

All Intrism 3D puzzles use the highest quality materials we can source, and our entire production operation is in the USA. We handle every quality check, shipment, and customer service inquiry in-house.

Collect all three brain-teasing Intrism puzzles.

Our flagship puzzle, Intrism Pro, has 1 level with 150 total obstacles for an intense challenge.

Intrism Mini is easier with 50 obstacles split up over 3 levels. Take on all 3 in a row or come back and complete them separately.,

Intrism Level One is our latest and most compact puzzle. Unlike the other two, don't worry about falling off the track—it's impossible—but you'll need to find the correct path if you want to finish!

Your questions, answered.

How long do they take to build?

Intrism Pro takes on average of 8-12 hours to build. Intrism Mini takes approximately 4-7 hours to build. Intrism Level One takes approximately 0.5-2 hours to build.

The assembly time will vary based on expierence and skill level.

Can you stain or varnish the wood?

Yes & yes! Adding your own pop of color truly makes it one-of-a-kind. We don't recommend using paint which could increase the thickness of the pieces.

What's the difference between Intrism Pro, Intrism Mini, and Intrism Level One?

Intrism Pro and Mini differ in their maze design, piece count, and difficulty levels. They are both however marble mazes that combine path-finding as well as a dexterity challenge.

Intrism Level One differs from Pro and Mini in that it is not a dexterity challenge in the same way as the marble cannot fall from the track, instead focusing on the path from start to finish and back again. It is also our only puzzle that can be built without the assembly guide.

Can you disassemble and assemble the puzzle again?

Intrism puzzles are designed to be assembled once, but you can play the marble mazes endlessly.

How difficult are the mazes to solve?

Intrism Pro is very challenging and considered to be a level 10 marble maze and level 6 construction.

Intrism Mini is less challenging and considered to be a level 5 maze and level 4 construction.

Intrism Level One is our least challenging at a level 2-3 maze and level 2-5 construction, depending on which method of assembly and solving the user picks.

What happens if the marble falls off the track?

Intrism Pro and Mini are designed so that if the marble falls off the track, it can be reset to the starting line.

Intrism Level One is designed so that the marble can never fall from the track.