hobbies for men and women

5 Unique Hobbies For Men & Women

Hobbies for Men and Women That Are Underrated & Unique

Try a hobby outside your comfort zone

You're walking into the office and run into your coworker Maria at the elevator. You both make eye contact, and she asks, "What did you do this weekend?"

On the inside, you know Maria is judgmental. You don't want to tell her you spent the weekend binging Netflix, eating snacks, and scrolling through social media. So, you come up with the first thing you can think of.

"Oh, I went hiking with some friends," you say, trying to sound casual.

Maria raises an eyebrow. "Really? I didn't know you were into that kind of thing."

But the truth is you really don’t hike. Now it's too late. The damage has been done, and there's no going back. As you sit down at your desk, you make a mental note to find a hobby that you can be passionate about and proudly share with others engaging in conversations that will leave them wanting to pick up interesting hobbies of their own.

The Transition from College to Adult Life is Tricky: Hobbies Can Help

In your 20s, transitioning from adolescence to adulthood can be a time of uncertainty, restlessness, and great excitement. It's a good time to pick up and  get into an unusual hobby when you have spare time after work and it can give you a sense of purpose and fulfillment. The good news is that there are many rewarding hobbies to pick up your 20s.

5 Hobby Ideas 

Search for a list of hobbies on the internet, and you’re likely to get a generic list of activities that you’ve already heard about. But there are plenty of unique hobbies out there that most people have never tried — we’re here to spill the beans on five niche hobbies that are just waiting for you to try them:

1. 3D Puzzles

3d wooden puzzles for adults challenging difficult three dimensional wooden puzzles

3D puzzles have become increasingly popular among young women and men in their 20s. 3D puzzles are a form of puzzles that are a hands on hobby that require assembly to create three-dimensional objects. The end object can be mechanical or interactive in nature. Intrism, a 3D puzzle company based in Columbus, Ohio, has created mind-bending marble mazes you build, play, and display. If you're considering purchasing a 3D puzzle, here's an in-depth guide to buying your first 3d wooden puzzle

2. Geocachinghobbies for men and women in their 20s - geocaching

​​Geocaching is a modern treasure-hunting game and an adventurous hobby. The basic idea is that you use a GPS device, typically your smartphone, to hide and seek containers called “geocaches” or “caches” at specific locations marked by GPS coordinates all over the world from a geocache listing. After you discover a cache, you can sign the logbook and leave behind a trinket for the next person to discover.

3. Aquascaping

Aquascaping is the art of arranging plants and decorations in an aquarium to make an attractive, natural-looking design. It's a hobby for people who have a passion for fish and the aquatic environment, and are interested in interesting forms of art as well as in creating beautiful underwater habitats for fish.

4. Sand Art

hobbies for men and women in their 20s - sand art

Sand art is well.. as it sounds. It’s the process of making art with sand on flat surfaces or in bottles. Sand artists tend to use a wide range of colors, sometimes mixing them together to create new shades. They can also play with texture by adding different types of sand or by including items such as glitter or glitter glue.

5. Competitive Yo-yoing

Competitive yo-yoing is like regular yo-yoing, but instead of just using it for entertainment purposes (or is it just me who does that?), competitors use their yo-yos to hit the highest number of tricks in a certain amount of time against other yo-yoers.

A hobby is a pursuit that yields joy. Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new—you never know what hidden talents or passions you may discover.

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