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The Art Of Picking A Coffee Table Game: 3 Tips To Get It Right

The Art Of Picking A Coffee Table Game: 3 Tips To Get It Right

Have you ever found yourself trapped in a conversation that went from bad to worse? That’s the impact a boring game can have. A good game, on the other hand, injects energy into any gathering and can distract your guests from reaching for their smartphones. 

Everyone has old standbys like cards, board games and Scrabble they play because they’re easy, but you deserve more than a casual gathering of friends.

Here are three tips to help you choose the right coffee table game.

A Coffee Table Game Designed for You to Say, "My turn!" 

Picking a great game for your coffee table is an art form. Like any piece of art, it should be decorative, "eye-catching" and "inviting." In many cases, that means the game will have to draw people in before they even realize they want to play it. They should either have a broad enough theme that everyone can relate to or have a clever twist that makes people want to pick the game up and start playing. 

Choose a game that gets people talking...Not arguing 

Coffee table games are a great way to get people talking, to learn about each other, and to break the ice. Before selecting a game, think about what kind of people you usually have over. Are they an extroverted group that likes to talk or are they more introverted, but still enjoy a good party?

The perfect coffee table game encourages conversation between players – not only during play but also afterward too.

Unless you're hosting a game night, steer away from games that have long and complicated rules, games that are not age inclusive, and have never-ending playtimes. Your guests should be able to pick up and play it easily. The rules of the game should be simple enough so that everyone can learn them in a few minutes.

Skill vs. Luck: Skill is the real key

A lot of games involve chance as much as they do a skill, which means that luck is usually what determines who wins. A game with an element of luck (where you're relying on cards or dice to decide who wins) can still be fun, but it's not nearly as satisfying when your losses are based on chance rather than skill or strategy. 

If you're looking for something that will give you a good feeling about getting a win, aim for games that require more thought and real-world skill than simply rolling the dice and hoping for the best.

Say hello to your new favorite coffee table game

Intrism puzzles fit the bill for a coffee table game that will draw people’s attention, spark conversation, and bring out the competitive side in your guests. It’s an innovative take on classic marble mazes, with laser-cut wooden pieces that require precise navigation through twists, turns ramps, and more to reach the finish line. Before you can play the maze, you must assemble its components. It also makes for a home décor piece to showcase.

This game will be the center of attention for your guests, and it’s easy enough for anyone to play. It won’t be long before you’re all immersed in this fun, new puzzle game. It’s not just a new way to sit around your coffee table, it’s an experience that will challenge you and those you love.

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