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Best Desk Toys For Your Office: Work Hard, Play Harder

Best Desk Toys For Your Office: Work Hard, Play Harder

Once upon a time, there was a plain and unremarkable desk. It had a dull gray surface and four legs that were as cheap as its wood. Its owner, John, had inherited it from a previous tenant of his office space and had never thought much about it… until one day when his coworkers began teasing him about his uninteresting desk. "Where's the personality? Did it get sucked out by the black hole of boringness?” said one of his coworkers.

Like John, we all spend a good chunk of our days at our desks, but most of us feel a little bored after a while. Maybe you noticed that one of your coworkers has interesting and quirky desk trinkets, and you can't help but feel a little envious. So begins your quest to find the best desk toys.

Benefits of Desk Toys

Desk toys have become increasingly popular in workplaces around the world. The benefits of using a desk toy are plenty, they can help reduce stress and anxiety, improve productivity by providing a mental break, stimulate creativity, improve focus and concentration, and enhance mood and overall well-being. Desk toys can also be used as a decorative addition to the office space, a way to promote a company's brand. They come in a wide range of options and designs, making them versatile and adaptable to many different settings and preferences. Desk toys can serve as a conversation starter or a way to relax during a break in the workday. 

Here are fun desk toys that will keep you entertained and your coworkers in awe anytime they come by your desk.

1. Intrism Level One

desk puzzle toy
Intrism Level One is more than just a unique desk toy; it's a 3D wooden puzzle consisting of 40 interlocking laser-cut wooden pieces that fit together seamlessly. Once you’ve completed the assembly, the challenge begins as you navigate the marble through the maze from one end to the other. The tactile experience of moving the marble from one end to the other provides a satisfying, stress-relieving, and engaging feeling. If you want to add excitement to your workspace, and are searching for cool desk toys, check out Intrism Level One. It also makes the perfect gift as a desk toy for engineers!

Review: "I love my Level One! My fumble-fingers were able to put it together in less than an hour. Since then I get compliments about the look and challenge. I strongly recommend it." - Steven W.

2. Golf Pen Set
executive desk toy

Bring the golf course to your desk with this golfing pen set - perfect for the executive who longs to be on the course but is stuck at work. Practice your putting game all from the comfort of your chair with this executive desk toy that will keep you entertained and your mind occupied during downtime. The cleverly designed pens serving as golf clubs come in three colors: red, blue, and black.

3. Desktop Punching Bag

stress-relieving desk toy

It’s happened to all of us before. You’re working on an important project, your computer crashes, and all your hard work is gone. Unleash your pent-up frustrations with this desktop punching bag - a stress-relieving desk toy. Perfect for the office or home, this compact and sturdy punching bag will allow you to release stress and tension while you work. Whether you want to improve your hand-eye coordination or just need a quick stress release, this cool desk toy is a great addition to any workspace.

4. Magnetic Rings

You’ve seen fidget pens and fidget spinners, but have you seen a magnetic desk toy in the form of rings? This sleek and discreet fidget toy for the office consists of interconnected rings that can be manipulated endlessly, making it a perfect distraction for fidgety fingers. The magnets within the rings provide a satisfying resistance and snap as they connect, making it an addictive desk fidget toy to play with.


5. Tranquility Sand Art Frame

novelty desk toy

Give your eyes a well-deserved break and get lost in this fascinating, colorful novelty desk toy. Introduce a touch of tranquility to your office with a dynamic sand art frame. Flip the frame over and experience the mesmerizing display of sand shifting and forming intricate lines and patterns of oceans and mountains. A relaxing and soothing desk toy to help alleviate anxiety and ease eye fatigue.

6. “NO” Button

fun desk toy

Rushing to meet a deadline and need absolutely no distractions from co-workers? The “NO” button is a fun desk toy to let your coworkers know you're busy and not in the mood for interruptions. It is a functional tool that can add humor to your desk as it joins your collection of fun office toys.

7. Newton’s Cradle Ball

kinetic desk toy

Newton's Cradle is a simple yet captivating kinetic toy that has stood the test of time. The mesmerizing motion of this minimal kinetic sculpture is a visual treat. A series of suspended metal balls are suspended on strings, and when one ball is pulled back and released, it collides with the others, causing them to swing back and forth in an ever-changing pattern. In addition to its visual appeal, Newton's Cradle is known for its distinct sound when the balls collide. The sound is a sharp, metallic 'clack' that can be quite satisfying to hear. If you’re searching for a kinetic desk toy, look no further.

What is an Executive Desk Toy?

An executive desk toy is specialized for use in a professional setting. These toys are often characterized by a more refined and polished appearance and can serve as a means to spark conversation or provide a way to unwind during a break in the workday. These toys can include many options, from basic fidget toys like stress balls and spinning globes to more elaborate mechanical devices like kinetic sculptures and desktop puzzles.

Office desk toys have become a staple in the modern office, adding a little fun and personality to the workplace. These small yet mighty accessories make your workspace more interesting and benefit your productivity and creativity. The saying "work hard, play harder" has never been more true than when it comes to desktop toys.

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