Collection: Premium Baltic Birch Plywood for Laser-Cutting

Looking for the best wood for laser cutting? Look no further than Baltic birch plywood 3mm (1/8”) for your laser cutting and engraving projects. The perfect canvas for your creative endeavors.

Our premium Baltic birch sheets are pre-cut and readily usable with a wide range of crafting tools and laser-cutting machines! Whether using a Glowforge laser, engraving with a laser, etching designs into the wood, or using a scroll saw or CNC cutting machine, our baltic birch ply sheets are the perfect material for your project.

Get the Best of Both Worlds: Premium Quality and Affordability

Our Baltic Birch plywood sheets come in the highest grade available, B/BB, and feature a smooth surface and uniform grain texture, making them perfect for your laser cutting needs. The face veneers are typically free of knots and defects, ensuring a smooth and consistent appearance. While the back veneers may have small pinholes or occasional knots, rest assured that they do not affect the overall strength or stability of the plywood. With our Baltic Birch plywood sheets, you can achieve precision and detail in your laser-cutting projects without compromising on quality.

Experience the Quality of Baltic Birch Plywood Used by 3D Wooden Puzzle Manufacturers

As the makers of unique 3D wooden marble mazes, laser cut from the same Baltic Birch we sell, we at Intrism understand the frustration of purchasing plywood with defects that cannot be cut through with a laser cutting machine. Not only does this result in wasted wood, but also precious time. We're excited to offer the same high-quality wood we use for our puzzles to other hobbyists, makers, and crafters. We want to spare you the hassle of dealing with poor-quality wood, so you can focus on designing and completing your project without worrying about sourcing materials or becoming an expert on Baltic birch wood.
3mm plywood
baltic birch plywood sheets
3mm Baltic Birch Plywood | 1/8" for Laser Cutting | 12x20" Multi-Sheet Pack | B/BB Premium Wood
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