Pre-assembled, 100% clear, and limited edition


Monochromatic Elegance. 

Intrism Level One Ghost is made entirely from laser-cut acrylic to create a never-before-seen look of our newest marble maze. Each of the 111 limited edition models we ship will be carefully assembled by our team, ensuring the best quality final product with no fingerprints, defects, or blemishes. Numbers 1 through 111 are engraved on each one, so you can be confident that yours is the only one like it in existence.

Crystal Clear Chaos.

The fully transparent design creates a unique marble maze challenge unlike any we have created before. Without wood to obstruct the view of the marble, it is always apparent where it is. Where the marble should go, on the other hand, becomes much more challenging compared to our wooden Level One marble maze.

Your maze, your way.

Each order will ship with 4 different marbles to pick from to create the perfect look. One black, one pearl white, one red, and one silver. You can even use two at once for a more advanced take on our marble maze.


*Level One Ghost is recommended for ages 14+ as it is more fragile than out wooden puzzles. Please handle with care.

 Estimated to ship in 3-4 weeks.

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Your questions, answered.

Why does this come pre-assembled?

Acrylic is not as forgiving as wood during assembly. In order to prevent possible injuries resulting from acrylic piece breaking while building, we have opted to buid them all in-house with protective gloves. The resulting model is incredibly clear and eye-catching.

Is this more fragile than the wooden Level One?

Yes, it is more fragile and should be handled with care. That it not to say that it will break during regular use, we just wouldn't advise dropping it on a hard floor.

Is this more or less challenging to solve than the wooden Level One?

It's a bit of both. On one hand, it is easier to find where the marble currently is, but on the other it is harder to discern where the marble is supposed to go.

Will there be a Ghost version of Intrism Pro and Mini

Unfortunately, the bendy pieces of wood do not transslate well to acrylic, so we will not be creating Ghost versions of those models.

Are all 111 mazes numbered?

You bet they are. Each one is engraved with its own specific number out of 111.

100% Carbon Offset

We offset our entire manufacturing process, from the materials we buy, to our energy use, all the way to shipping it to you.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent quality, challenging. Looks good sitting on my desk. Fast shipping, smooth transaction.

What a beautiful puzzle!

I received my Ievel 1 Ghost today, and I am not disappointed! It is beautiful to look at and I am looking forward to solving it. This is absolutely a great addition to go with my Intrism Pro