Panel acrílico de repuesto

Size:Intrism Level One
*Estimated to ship spring 2023*

On December 13th, a fire at our production facility unfortunately destroyed the building along with all of our materials and lasers that were inside. Since we currently do not have any acrylic on hand and no way to cut more, we cannot immediately ship any orders, but we are working very hard to acquire a laser cutter (hopefully several) as quickly as possible in order to get these cut.

Replacement pieces and acrylic will be cut first ahead of any puzzles so that we can get you back to finishing your puzzle as fast as we can. Feel free to place your order, but it will be several weeks to a couple of months before we can ship out pieces.

Chat with us online if you have any questions, we try to be very responsive. Or you can email us at

¿Rompió accidentalmente un panel acrílico mientras montaba la vitrina? Te tenemos cubierto. Selecciona cuántos necesitas y te los enviaremos con envío gratis.

En el caso de que el acrílico llegara dañado o si crees que se rompió por un defecto de fabricación, contáctanos aquí.