Intrism Pro

El rompecabezas de laberinto de mármol 3D original

Producto 3 en 1: Un complejo rompecabezas de madera con más de 180 piezas cortadas con precisión, un desafiante laberinto de mármol con más de 150 obstáculos y una obra de arte única para exhibir en un escritorio o estante para desafiar a tus amigos.

Calidad premium: Nuestra duradera madera de abedul báltico de 3 capas es resistente con un acabado de superficie suave. Nuestra vitrina ultra clara se ajusta a presión e incluye lengüetas para prevenir rayones.

Totalmente inclusivo: Empacamos todo lo que necesita en la caja, sin necesidad de herramientas ni pegamento. Incluye todas las piezas de madera, la vitrina, el mármol, el papel de lija, la guía de montaje y más.

Regalo perfecto: Entretenga a familiares o amigos durante horas mientras montan el rompecabezas, luego suba la temperatura con una competencia de rodar canicas.

Garantía de felicidad: ¿No estás satisfecho con el producto? Simplemente devuélvalo dentro de los 30 días en el embalaje original para obtener un reembolso completo.

Qué está incluido:

-180+ piezas de madera cortadas con precisión + 1 juego adicional de piezas de repuesto

- Vitrina con autoenclavamiento

-Mármol de vidrio negro

-Guía de montaje (inglés)

-Papel de lija y pegatinas

Dimensiones: 8 "x8" x2 "caja enviada, 8" x8 "x8" rompecabezas ensamblado, 3.12 lbs.

Edad recomendada: 12+

ADVERTENCIA: PELIGRO DE ASFIXIA - Piezas pequeñas. No apto para niños menores de 3 años.

Diseñado por Kyle Vandeveer, producido por Intrism LLC. Intrism y el logotipo de Intrism son marcas comerciales de Intrism LLC. Hecho en EE.UU.

Copyright 2020 Intrism LLC. Todos los derechos reservados. Dirija sus comentarios o preguntas a, ¡gracias!

Premium Materials: Top-tier wood + unrivaled cutting precision = maximum enjoyment.

No glue or tools required. Everything you need is right there in the box.

Learning Made Fun: Levels up spatial reasoning & dexterity skills throughout the experience.

Sustainable: Every purchase plants a tree and removes 1lb of waste from oceans and waterways.

Best-in-Class Support: Free replacement pieces, fast shipping, and our happiness guarantee.

In The Box

• 210 piezas de madera (incluido el soporte de exhibición)
• Caja acrílica entrelazada
• Mármol de vidrio (negro)
• Guía de montaje impresa en inglés (+acceso online en español y francés)
• Papel de lija

Todas las entregas tienen un impacto cero
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A build experience like no other.

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Your questions, answered.

How long does it take to build?

Intrism Pro takes on average of 8-12 hours to build. Intrism Mini takes approximately 4-7 hours to build.

The assembly time will vary based on expierence and skill level.

Can you stain/paint/varnish the wood?

Yes x 3! Adding your own pop of color truly makes it one-of-a-kind.

What's the difference between Intrism Pro & Mini?

Intrism Pro and Mini vary in their maze design, piece count, and difficulty levels.

You can find a more detailed comparison here.

Can you disassemble and assemble the puzzle again?

Intrism puzzles are designed to be assembled once, but you can play the maze endlessly.

How hard is the maze to solve?

Intrism Pro is very challenging and considered to be a level 10 marble maze. Intrism Mini is less challenging and considered to be a level 5.

Assembling the maze on the other hand is quite a bit easier to allow a greater range of people the ability to complete the puzzle to begin the marble maze.

What happens if the marble falls of the track?

Intrism Pro and Mini are designed so that if the marble falls off the track, it can be reset to the starting line.

3D wooden puzzle wooden marble maze labyrinth game toy for adults and teenagers dexterity game 3d maze

Decor just got an upgrade

Show off Intrism Pro and Intrism Mini to intrigue anyone who lays eyes on them.

Trees and Seas

For every Intrism puzzle sold 1 tree is planted through #TeamTrees and 1 lb of waste is removed from oceans and waterways through #TeamSeas.

Customer Reviews

Based on 110 reviews
Sharlot Saadian

Intrism Pro

Buy one

I loved the quality of the pieces and the intricacies of the design. The maze is a challenge but that's ok it look like art just sitting on the table.

Colton Telford
I love everything about this.

I’m so glad I bought this; it’s one of my favorite purchases ever. It was brilliant fun to build and exciting to try and solve. This is going to be my go-to present for everyone important to me.

Assembly fun

I found assembly a fun endeavor. I did it in two separate sessions. Follow the instructions, take your time and be careful. Where things seamed to tight a little sanding eased the fit. I've not gotten very far moving the marble through the maze yet, more time with it is required!!

Hans Behrens
Some tools are helpful

Yes, I enjoyed putting this puzzle together immensely.
A good adjustable pair of pliers is extremely helpful. Be careful though using it on sensitive parts.
Wooden stand for the Pro model needs to be bigger. In it's present state it tips over very easily.

Chester Park
Bought for a Christmas present

Will have to wait until after Christmas to give it a rating.

George di Cristina
Intricate and Fun

This piece is a delight. And, honestly, building it was the best part. Getting the marble through the maze is anticlimactic.

Karen Pillard

Intrism Pro