Tarjeta de regalo electrónica de intrismo


¿No estás seguro de qué comprarles? ¿Viste su cumpleaños simplemente desplazándote por tu suministro de noticias? ¿O simplemente necesitas un regalo de última hora? 

Esta tarjeta de regalo se entrega inmediatamente por correo electrónico y se puede imprimir o compartir.

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Your questions, answered.

How long does it take to build?

Level One is designed to have three levels of assembly difficulty (easy, medium, hard). Depending on your expierence and the difficulty level you select, it can take from 30 minutes to several hours to complete.

Can you stain/paint/varnish the wood?

Yes x 3! Adding your own pop of color truly makes it one-of-a-kind.

What's the difference between Level One and Intrism Pro & Mini?

Level One introduces new concepts that are not present in our Original Series (Intrism Pro and Mini).

Level One is designed to be able to be put together without any instructions.

Additionally, the maze is designed so that the marble will not fall off the track during play, requiring players to concentrate on finding the route to the finish line rather than also relying on dexterity.

How hard is the maze to solve?

Level One has three levels of difficutly to solve. Depending on which option you pick, the maze can be easy or a challenge to solve.

Can you unassemble and assemble the puzzle again?

Intrism puzzles are designed to be assembled once, but you can play the maze endlessly.

Can the marble fall off the track?

Level One is designed so the marble cannot fall of the track.

Small Puzzle. Big Impact.

The power of Intrism puzzles goes far beyond enjoying it. Each Level One sold is manufactured and shipped to be carbon neutral through our commitment to postively impacting our planet.

Together, we can do our part to make a difference.